About Us

Randy Milka Head TrainerRandy Milka is the owner and head trainer at Citadel Protection Dogs. Randy began his professional career in finance as a futures trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He left the busy world of finance to pursue his passion of training dogs. Now he enjoys every day, spending them interacting with dogs and families. Throughout the years, Randy has trained and competed in many of the protection dog sports. Through this, Randy has access to some of the best dogs in the world. He has also had the privilege of training with some of the best protection dog trainers in the world.

Randy has titled numerous German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois dogs for his own protection dog company and for others. Randy has also started a successful breeding program and helped many dogs owners reach their training and obedience goals, whether it be to have a highly trained sport dog, or the perfect pooch to hang out with on the couch.

Randy’s purpose for founding Citadel Protection Dogs is to provide elite working protection dogs for families, executives, and law enforcement agencies. Randy has seen protection dog companies come and go over the years, many without the training or experience to deliver a true protection dog. Randy believes every dog owner should be able to enjoy their canines in whichever setting they chose; whether that be off leash at a park, in the house during a party, in the car, socializing with other dogs, or behaving around children, all the while maintaining security and protection of the family and estate.

Randy Milka Trainer Protection DogsCitadel Protection Dogs is located on 5 acres in Yorkville, Illinois. The dogs that Randy trains and sells at Citadel K9 do not stay in kennels and are slowly introduced to everyday situations to ensure that they are fully acclimated to a home and family environment. Randy believes this is key for truly creating the foundation needed to lead a happy and successful life as a family member (and ultimate protector) at home.