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Steve is a veteran of the US Army. He deployed to numerous foreign countries and lived in Europe, where he was able to form a working relationship with the top protection dog kennels. After his service in the Army, Steve pursued a career in Law Enforcement, earning honors as the head trainer of his Police Department’s K9 Unit. Steve’s real-world police K9 experience is what sets Scott’s K9 apart from other protection dog companies. With Steve’s dog training expertise and his access to the top European kennels, our Family Protection Dogs and trained Police Dogs are second to none.

Steve is a “no-nonsense” type of guy that will teach you exactly what you need to know about how to integrate your new fully trained protection dog into your family. Steve takes the time to train you, your children, and other family members, on how to properly employ your certified guard dog in any given situation. As a certified trainer, Steve Scott puts in the time to ensure that your family gets a dog that is safe and social with the family members, but also ready to protect you if the need arises.

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In Home Dog Trainer Obedience and Protection Texas

JOSH KIRBY – Josh has been a police officer since 2003 and during that time has held positions as a field training officer, firearms instructor, active shooter instructor, academy instructor, K-9 handler, and K-9 instructor. Josh’s dogs won numerous awards, both in police canine competitions, and on the street making high risk felony apprehensions and seizing thousands of pounds of narcotics and drug money. Josh’s first police dog won the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) “Top Dog” overall in the first two years he competed, before Josh became a USPCA judge. Josh has trained and certified hundreds of police K-9 teams and is still active in the police K-9 community.

In the civilian world, Josh competes in Protection Sports Association (PSA) and is a certified trial decoy. Josh has trained his current sport dog to the level of PSA1 and has won numerous awards at trial with her. Josh has twice been selected as a national select decoy and has traveled all over the U.S. and internationally to decoy and train dogs. Josh is currently the secretary of decoys for PSA and maintains decoy evaluations and certifications of over 100 decoys worldwide.

Josh is the founder and owner of Kirby K9 which started as a custom leash and collar company for police and working dogs, and has expanded to include selective training for obedience and protection dogs. Josh is passionate about training dogs, particularly in protection work and believes it is the responsibility of great trainers and decoys to bring out the best in each dog they work with.

MEGAN ZHENG – From a very young age, Megan dreamed of working with dogs. When she was 8 years old, she asked for a crate and leash for Christmas so she could practice training her stuffed animal dogs. As she got older, her interest in dogs, dog sports, dog nutrition, and everything about the canine world continued to grow. Megan started to focus on competition obedience and has mastered her craft with her German Shepherd “Jarvan.” Megan and Jarvan compete in Protection Sports Association and have won awards in competition including “high overall obedience.” Megan describes training for obedience like an art; blending precision, power, and flow to paint a picture with a dog.

Megan has worked with dogs for 10+ years and has a degree in Psychology with special interest in learning theories. Megan has volunteered at shelters and run her own successful training facility. She currently works with Citadel K9 as a trainer and boards and trains dogs in her home.

Megan is passionate about training pet dogs and has a philosophy that training should be fun and not a chore. Megan enjoys teaching pet owners how to develop good habits with their dogs so they can enjoy their dog and have fun working them in obedience. Megan loves her life with her personal dogs and enjoys being part of the training goals that pet owners have with their dogs.

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RANDY MILKA – From a very young age, Randy realized he had an affinity with animals of all types and assumed being a Veterinarian would be his eventual calling. However, Randy’s lifestyle took him into the world of trading at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This led him to seek out his first dog to call his own, a German Shepherd named Lexi to keep him company. Lexi was the first German Shepherd Randy had the opportunity to own, which then blossomed into several relationships with German Shepherds in the Schutzand sport, K9 police training, protection dog training and much more.Throughout the years, Randy has titled over a half dozen dogs, started a successful breeding program and helped many others reach their canine goals whether it be to have a highly trained sport dog, or the perfect pooch to hang on the couch with.

Randy’s purpose for founding Dog Training Unleashed is to create the optimal bond between owner and canine. Randy believes every dog owner should be able to enjoy their canines in whichever setting they chose; whether that be off leash at a park, in the house during a party, in the car, socializing with other dogs, behaving around children and having overall sound house manners.

Dog Training Unleashed, located on 7 acres in Yorkville, IL, is unique in the fact that during every dogs’ stay, they are inside the home with Randy, learning what life will really be like once home with their owners. Resident canines do not stay in kennels and are slowly introduced to new situations that need to be addressed. Randy believes this is key for truly creating the foundation needed to lead a happy and successful life at home.