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If your dog seems to misbehave constantly and you feel out of control, our dog training Denton school has a solution. Citadel K9 offers the best obedience dog training with our board and train program. We aim to ensure you enjoy your time with your dog without worrying about its behavior. 

Our dog trainers have more than 15 years of experience training dogs, with 1000s of hours in dog training sessions. As such, we can transform your pup into a well-behaved family member and provide the skills required to build a stronger relationship between you and your pup.

A Unique K9 Dog Training Approach to Dog Training Denton TX

At Citadel K9, we take a unique approach to training your dog with a trainer. For Denton dog training, your pup will live with one of our expert dog trainers for your chosen duration. Throughout this time, your dog will be a member of the family, interacting with family members and going on outings. 

Unlike traditional K9 dog obedience training, we integrate your pup into an active lifestyle to expose them to various scenarios. This means your dog will return to your family with a new demeanor. We utilize a variety of techniques to leave your dog well-rounded, which leaves your dog with the basic manners and social skills needed to visit public places.

Obedience Training in Denton, Texas

Josh Kirby, our master trainer, has experience both as a police officer as well as a K9 trainer. He trains dogs for the highest level of obedience and responsiveness because in police work there’s no room for error.

Your dog will receive this same level of training. When your dog trains at Citadel K9 dog training Denton, they will live in the home of one of our trainers and receive 24/7 love and attention. Each trainer will never have more than 3 dogs so your pet’s training will never be compromised. We offer a variety of lengths ranging from two to four weeks in training, offering flexible solutions based on you and your dog’s needs.


  • 2 Weeks


  • 3 Weeks


  • 4 Weeks


We focus our training on everyday activities that your dog will be doing when they are back at home with you. Dog parks have rules that keep every pooch safe. We want you to be able to visit Denton dog parks such as North Lakes Dog Park or Wiggly Field Dog Park with confidence and peace of mind. At these parks, using the recall command and being able to walk on a leash will open a whole world of activities for you and your dog.

Your dog will also learn great house manners: sit, stay, down, etc., along with crate and car manners. We will also address any specific concerns you have.

What to Expect

  • Your dog lives with a dog trainer as a member of their family.
  • We only accept up to three dogs simultaneously for individualized attention.
  • We send photos and regular updates throughout training sessions.
  • Get a lifetime guarantee on your dog training.
  • Get answers with phone and email support during and after your scheduled training.
  • Get a go-home session to show what your dog has learned.


Dog-Friendly Activities to Enjoy in Denton

Once your dog has completed our dog training Denton TX, your dog will be able to participate in many of the dog-friendly activities in the region. At the top of the list of Denton activities to enjoy with your dog has got to be the Denton Community Market which happens every Saturday in April through November. At the market, you can shop for produce, jewelry, and home goods, and even stop for a pup-friendly baked good from Susie’s Snack Shop!

Remember those patio pups you were jealous of before you sent your dog to train with Citadel K9? Well, that can be you and your pooch now! Denton TX is home to MANY dog-friendly patio restaurants with delicious menus. Here are a few of our favorites: Horny Toad Café & Bar, Green House Restaurant, Rusty Taco, and Rooster’s Roadhouse.

Benefits of Dog Training Denton TX

On the fence about dog training Denton? Our program offers so many benefits you might not have even considered, both for dogs and their owners. 

Firstly, dog training provides effective communication between the dog and its owner, leading to a stronger bond and a deeper understanding of each other. Dogs learn to understand and respond to commands, enhancing the overall relationship. Additionally, training instills proper manners and behavior in dogs, such as not jumping on people or pulling on the leash, making them more enjoyable companions. It also promotes safety by teaching commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come,” which are crucial in potentially dangerous situations. 

Furthermore, training also aids in socialization, helping dogs interact well with other animals and humans, and reducing anxiety and aggression. You’ll find that training can stimulate your dog’s mind, prevent boredom, and reduce stress and anxiety. Overall, dog training promotes responsible ownership, builds confidence in dogs, and creates a harmonious environment for both the dog and its owners.

Customer Testimonials

“Excellent communication, punctuality, and professionalism. High-level training for great value. Citadel K9 helped my timid dog and me, now she goes to public places with me and enjoys the attention she gets walking around confidently.”

-Derek P

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