Does Your Dog Have Selective Hearing?

Pulling your pup down a trail on a day out with your dog at the park is less than ideal for adventurous pet owners.  A well-trained dog should be able to go wherever the adventure takes you: hiking, a day at the lake, or dinner on a patio.  Dogs are lovable but if they are untrained, unruly dogs can also be a liability. Imagine having a dog who listens to you, walks beside you, and comes when you call them.  Your dog – yes, YOUR dog – can do all these things and more!

At Citadel K9, our mission for every home is to have a well-loved and well-behaved dog. Our training programs are designed to work for dogs of all breeds and all ages. So, whether you have an unruly puppy or old dog that needs to learn some new tricks, we are here for you!


Frisco Dog Training Details

We offer courses that last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. During those weeks, your dog will live in the home of a certified trainer – not in a kennel. We believe that to learn effectively, dogs need to be surrounded by love. That’s why we treat your dog like a member of our own family during training.


  • 2 Weeks


  • 3 Weeks


  • 4 Weeks


A few of the main commands your dog will learn include sit, stay, place and down. We also teach them how to behave in the car, how to love their crate, how to walk with a leash and other necessary house manners. If you have specific needs or concerns, let us know and we can work those things into your dog’s training. For more details about the obedience training we offer in Frisco, Texas, check out this page!

Plan a Dog-Friendly Day Out in Frisco, Texas

Celebrate all your dog’s hard work with a fun day out enjoying all the activities available for dogs in Frisco. There are some beautiful dog parks in Frisco and several of them have cute photo op spots. Snap a pic of your well-behaved pooch with the giant turquoise dog sculpture in Ruff Range Dog Park or at the art piece “Surf Dog” and tag @playfrisco on Instagram!

Get your grocery shopping done and take your dog on a walk at the same time by visiting the Frisco Fresh Market that’s open every weekend all year. You can even finally enjoy that peaceful patio lunch together at The Common Table or Frisco Rail Yard.

The city of Frisco even hosts an all-dogs swim day called Paws in the Pool at the end of the summer. Your pup can splash and swim with its pals and you can even enter pics of your swimming pup to win prizes!

For updates on what Paw-some activities are happening in DFW, consider following the Dog About Town Facebook page.

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