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Citadel K9 offers unparalleled dog training in Plano, TX, setting the gold standard for quality in the area. Our experienced trainers utilize innovative, effective, and humane techniques, ensuring that your furry friend learns obedience, skills, and good behavior.

Proudly serving the Plano community, we understand the unique needs of Texas dog owners and have tailored our programs to meet those demands. With a reputation for excellence, Citadel K9 has become the go-to destination for dog training in Plano, ensuring that every canine graduates as a well-mannered, confident, and sociable companion.

Choose us for transformative results that last a lifetime.

Obedience Training Includes:

  • Sit Command
  • Down Command
  • Stay
  • Place Command
  • Loose Leash Heeling
  • House Manners
  • Car Manners
  • Crate Manners
  • Recall Command
  • Owner Specific Requests


  • 2 Weeks


  • 3 Weeks


  • 4 Weeks


Why Choose Citadel for Dog Training in Plano?

Citadel takes pride in offering premier dog training in Plano, ensuring your beloved pet receives an immersive and comprehensive experience. While residing with our expert trainers, your dog is more than just a trainee—they’re a cherished member of the family.

Our training methods are rooted in real-world scenarios, preparing your dog for unexpected events—whether it’s an unfamiliar dog approaching, the hustle of joggers, the thrill of children on skateboards, or the general hum of city noise and activities. To guarantee a well-rounded experience, we take them on walks and even integrate them into our daily errands, ensuring your dog learns and adapts to varied situations.

We’re committed to personalized attention; no trainer houses more than three dogs at once. This ensures your pet receives ample attention, addressing any behavioral issues, and mastering obedience training. During their stay, you’ll receive regular updates complete with photos, keeping you connected to your canine’s progress.

After the training concludes, we conduct an informative go-home lesson, equipping you with the knowledge of everything your dog has learned. Plus, our dog trainers naturally extend their commitment with lifetime email and phone support, emphasizing our dedication to your dog’s long-term well-being in Plano.

The Benefits of Professional Dog Training in Plano

Investing in professional dog training in Plano ensures not just a well-behaved pet, but also a more harmonious relationship between owner and canine. Here’s some of the key benefits of investing in such specialized training for your furry friend.

  • Structured Learning: Professional dog training in Plano provides a structured environment, ensuring that your dog learns consistently and efficiently.
  • Socialization: Dogs get to interact with other dogs, fostering good social behaviors and decreasing aggression or fear towards other animals.
  • Safety: Training teaches commands like ‘stay’ or ‘come’, which can be life-saving in dangerous situations.
  • Strengthened Bond: Training not only disciplines but also strengthens the bond between the owner and the pet, leading to a happier coexistence.
  • Behavioral Correction: Address and correct unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, chewing, or digging.
    Confidence Building: Dogs become more confident and less anxious or fearful when they understand what’s expected of them.


 “Outstanding, professional, caring, communicative and ELITE, are just a few of the qualities that Josh and his team exemplified during the two week training and care of our four month old European Doberman working puppy, and transformed him into a balanced and AMAZING animal. During the two short weeks, Josh and his team focused on our working puppy’s bite, jumping and overall behavior. If you are seeking an exceptional team to assist with your dog’s behavior, Josh is worth the cost! We are forever grateful.”

-Linda B

Preparing Your K9 Dog for Everyday Challenges

In the heartbeat of Plano, K9s aren’t just pets—they’re canine champions ready to face the world head-on. At Citadel, we’ve elevated the standards of dog training in Plano, especially for our formidable K9 companions. Picture this: a K9 seamlessly navigating the city’s bustle, poised amidst the zip of scooters, the playful banter of kids, or the surprise of a stray cat. That’s the Citadel-trained K9 for you!

Our urban jungle is their training ground. Beyond the standard sit-and-stay, our K9 training programs delve into real-world scenarios. Whether it’s deciphering between a friend or foe, managing excitement around other pets, or standing firm amidst city clamors, we ensure they’re prepared. After all, K9s are more than just pets; they’re partners, protectors, and pals.

Dive into a transformative journey where every bark meets brilliance, every tail wag showcases confidence, and every furry stride exudes Plano pride. With Citadel’s K9 dog training in Plano, your dog won’t just fit in—they’ll stand out!

Dog Friendly Activities in Plano

Plano, Texas, stands as a beacon for dog trainers, boasting a plethora of activities crafted with our furry pals in mind:

  • Leash Walking Trails: Traverse Plano’s picturesque trails perfect for leash walking, such as the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, where your dog can master the art of walking gracefully alongside you.
  • Dog Training Workshops: Engage in Plano-specific dog training workshops, fostering an environment where your canine acquires pivotal skills, and owners bond with seasoned dog trainers.
  • Pet-friendly Cafes: Relish a relaxing break at dog-welcoming spots like The PupCup Café, where your furry friend can savor a special treat while you enjoy your latte.
  • Community Dog Events: Stay updated with Plano’s vibrant dog community events, ranging from charity dog walks to pet exhibitions, ideal for enhancing your pet’s social skills.
  • Expert Consultations: Whenever your canine needs a touch of expert advice or training, remember that Plano houses some of the top dog trainers. They offer bespoke sessions, meticulously guiding your dog, ensuring they evolve into poised, self-assured companions.

Engaging in these canine-friendly adventures in Plano not only keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated but also nurtures an unbreakable bond based on trust, understanding, and countless shared adventures. Gear up and find all that Citadel K9 has in store for you and your four-legged partner-in-crime!

Outdoor Dog Activities in Plano TX

Plano with its expansive landscapes and welcoming community, is a treasure trove for dog lovers seeking outdoor adventures with their furry pals. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some must-visit spots:

  1. Picturesque Trails for Leisurely Walks: The heart of Plano is adorned with an array of trails tailored for dogs and their owners. For instance, the Bob Woodruff Park Trail offers serene pathways, enveloped by lush greenery, perfect for an invigorating morning or evening walk.
  2. Engaging Parks for Energetic Play: If your canine is bursting with energy, Plano’s parks provide the ideal backdrop. Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve is vast, giving your dog ample space to roam, chase, and play fetch. Shaded areas also mean you can take a break and enjoy nature’s tranquillity together.
  3. Dog-specific Recreational Areas: Beyond general parks, Plano boasts specialized areas like the Jack Carter Dog Park. Divided into sections for large and small breeds, it ensures a safe play environment. Its water features are a hit during those hot Texas days, and agility equipment keeps pups mentally stimulated.
  4. Socializing Spaces for Four-legged Friends: Want your dog to mingle and make some canine buddies? Windhaven Meadows Park is a community favorite, known for its friendly atmosphere where dogs of all sizes and breeds can interact and play.
  5. Events and Gatherings: Keep an eye on Plano’s event calendar. Seasonal dog-centric events, like pet parades or themed doggy days, are frequent, providing a fun day out for the entire family.

With Plano’s diverse offerings, outdoor adventures with your dog are just a leash away. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, exercise, or social engagements for your pet, Plano, TX, has it all in spades. Grab that leash, pack some treats, and explore the city’s canine-friendly gems!

Ready to Take Your Dog Out on the Town?

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