Dog Training in Prosper

Best Dog Training in Prosper TX Area

At Citadel K9, we pride ourselves on offering the best dog training in the Prosper, TX area. Our team of experienced trainers utilizes evidence-based techniques and a deep understanding of canine behavior to help your furry friend reach their full potential.

Whether you’re seeking basic obedience, advanced skills, or specialized training, Citadel K9 ensures that every dog gets the personalized attention they deserve. When it comes to dog training in Prosper, we stand out as the gold standard, committed to fostering strong bonds between dogs and their owners through effective and compassionate training methods.

Obedience Training Includes:

  • Sit Command
  • Down Command
  • Stay
  • Place Command
  • Loose Leash Heeling
  • House Manners
  • Car Manners
  • Crate Manners
  • Recall Command
  • Owner Specific Requests


  • 2 Weeks


  • 3 Weeks


  • 4 Weeks


Why Choose Citadel for Dog Training in Prosper?

At Citadel K9 in Prosper, we offer more than just dog training commands; we focus on holistic experiences for dogs and their owners.

Our trainers immerse your dog in real-world scenarios to navigate daily challenges, from other dogs to city bustle. We emphasize hands-on training, including strolls and errands in Prosper, ensuring dogs are aptly prepared.

Our trainers never handle more than three dogs, ensuring personalized attention. You’ll receive regular progress updates and a comprehensive go-home lesson post-training. Moreover, we provide lifetime email and phone support as a testament to our dedication to the craft of dog training and the well-being of your pet in Prosper.

The Benefits of Professional Dog Training in Prosper

Investing in professional dog training in Prosper ensures not just a well-behaved pet, but also a more harmonious relationship between owner and canine. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in such specialized training for your furry friend.

  • Structured Learning: Professional dog training in Prosper provides a structured environment, ensuring that your dog learns consistently and efficiently.
  • Socialization: Dogs get to interact with other dogs, fostering good social behaviors and decreasing aggression or fear towards other animals.
  • Safety: Training teaches commands like ‘stay’ or ‘come’, which can be life-saving in dangerous situations.
  • Strengthened Bond: Training not only disciplines but also strengthens the bond between the owner and the pet, leading to a happier coexistence.
  • Behavioral Correction: Address and correct unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, chewing, or digging.
  • Confidence Building: Dogs become more confident and less anxious or fearful when they understand what’s expected of them.


 “Outstanding, professional, caring, communicative and ELITE, are just a few of the qualities that Josh and his team exemplified during the two week training and care of our four month old European Doberman working puppy, and transformed him into a balanced and AMAZING animal. During the two short weeks, Josh and his team focused on our working puppy’s bite, jumping and overall behavior. If you are seeking an exceptional team to assist with your dog’s behavior, Josh is worth the cost! We are forever grateful.”

-Linda B

Dog Friendly Activities in Prosper

Prosper, Texas, stands out as a delightful spot for dog enthusiasts, presenting a rich array of activities designed with our canine companions in mind:

  • Leash Walking Trails: Wander through Prosper’s picturesque trails ideal for leash walking. Take a leisurely stroll down routes like the Prosper Greenbelt Path, where your dog can master the art of walking calmly beside you.
  • Dog Training Workshops: Enroll in Prosper’s community dog training sessions. Here, your pup can pick up essential behaviors, and owners have the chance to liaise with seasoned dog trainers.
  • Pet-friendly Cafes: Relish a refreshing beverage while your furry friend indulges in a special snack at places such as The Pup’s Coffee Corner.
  • Community Dog Events: Stay updated on canine-focused events happening in Prosper, ranging from charity dog walks to pet expos, perfect for enhancing your dog’s social skills.
  • Expert Consultations: For those seeking a deeper connection or facing unique challenges, Prosper boasts some of the region’s finest dog trainers. These experts conduct bespoke sessions, mentoring your dog through diverse drills, ensuring they mature into well-mannered, self-assured partners.


Outdoor Dog Activities in Prosper TX

Prosper, TX, boasts an array of scenic trails and parks perfect for your canine companion. Consider exploring trails like Prosper Pathway and Green Meadows Trail for a refreshing outdoor adventure with your dog. For those with larger breeds, Prosper Paws Park is an excellent spot to let your dog socialize and make some new furry acquaintances!

Ready to Take Your Dog Out on the Town?

Experience the best dog training in Prosper to transform your pup’s attitude. Our Texas dog trainers are ready to help. Contact us for a free consultation today!